How to attract money with the law of attraction

Many people try to use the law of attraction for money attraction. So, that makes how to attract money with the law of attraction a worthwhile topic to dedicate a post to.

how to attract money with the law of attraction

We believe that with the law of attraction, every Ask is given. So, going by this statement, when you ask the universe for more money, you should get it.

But why is it that money doesn’t always come to everybody that asks for it all the time. Why is it that money doesn’t come every time we wish for it?

The whole process of attracting money is like trying to make a special pineapple cake with a certain recipe. If the recipe you have for making this type of cake is not accurate or some key elements are missing, it is impossible to make this exact type of special pineapple cake. In some other cases, if the recipe is not followed exactly as it is speculated (if you decide to start winging it), it will be difficult to make the cake.

This is what most people do when it comes to attracting money. They ignore certain processes, start eyeballing the whole process, and as a result, they move in circles and obtain mediocre results.

The truth is that when it comes to attracting money, only a handful of people have mastered the art to the extent that it is almost mechanical. And as a result of this, they attract money intentionally anytime they want.

What sets these people apart from the rest of us you might be wondering?

Firstly, they have the desire for money.

Secondly, they understand the process and they stick to it. Some of them understand the process consciously, while some of them do it unconsciously.

Thirdly, they are very persistent and they stick to it. They do not give up when the going gets rough. They understand that anything that will be worthwhile will take some time to manifest.

In this post, I give you the process of attracting money with the law of attraction. The steps are a sort of checklist that needs to be completed for the process of attraction to be completed. But before we delve into it, I want to quickly explain what money is in order to start raising your money consciousness.

Money is a tool

The most important thing to figure out is to know the kind of life you want to live. To grasp this, you have to know what your purpose is in life. It is this purpose that drives and fuels us towards the type of decisions we make on a daily basis.

If you’ve figured out what your purpose in life is, if it involves money in one way or the other, then you have a compelling reason to make money.

In my experience, most purposes and life’s missions involve money one way or the other. At the end of the day, money is just a tool that helps us live the kind of lifestyle we want to live. Money is still the universally accepted way of purchasing and acquiring material things in this world.

Luckily, there are certain laws that guide earning money that can be mastered, rinsed, and repeated as many times as you like.

These laws have worked since the early times of existence, works presently, and will continue to work till the end of time.

The only way you can attract money

Have it in mind that you have to “earn” money. Nobody “makes” money. According to Earl Nightingale in his EP—The Strangest Secret, the only people that “makes” money works in the money-minting company.

Money is meant to be earned. We all have to earn it to spend it. You have to earn it through your actions and decisions. And when it comes to the law of attraction, you have to “earn it” at that level too.

Money vibrates at a certain frequency. The only way to attract money is to match the frequency of money. That’s the only way you can attract money. Due to this reason, you must find a way to align your conscious and subconscious in order to complete the attraction process.

How to attract money with the law of attraction

Here, I talk about the steps needed to be completed to not only start the process of attracting money with the law of attraction but ensuring that it is completed. So that you see the results manifest right in front of your eyes.

There are three steps to reach the completion stage of the attraction of money. The three steps are discussed in detail below;

STEP I: You have to become money conscious

man thinking about money

You have to actually want money. You have to desire money in order to earn money.

You might agree that this is a given, but it might come as a surprise that not everybody consciously wants money.

You have to make the conscious decision that money is a tool you need in order to live the type of life you want. This step is crucial because it is the decision phase that kick-starts the whole process of attraction.

For instance, you go to a restaurant and you are given the menu. The waitress is helpless if you don’t choose what you want from the menu. You might sit in the restaurant till dawn without getting anything to eat if you refuse to choose what to eat.

But immediately you make a choice and you put the order in, the whole restaurant gets into high gear to make sure that your order is processed. The whole kitchen becomes chaotic. The chef starts performing his/her magic on the stove, the dishwashers start washing and cleaning, the wine guy starts looking for the exact wine you ordered, the cashier starts punching in the numbers to know what it will cost you, and all the other processes all happening in the background. All in the effort to make sure that you get exactly what you ordered.

How to become money conscious

  1. First, take the time to work out how much money you need.

This is the most essential thing to get out of the way initially. Most people just know that they want money, but they are not actually precise about the amount of money that they actually want.

You have to know the actual amount of money you need to earn monthly to live the type of lifestyle you desire.

I have taken the liberty to design a very powerful workbook that will allow you to do the calculation of the amount of money you’ll need to earn monthly to live a wealthy lifestyle.

You can download the workbook by clicking here

After you are done with this simple exercise, the amount of money you come up with is the monthly earnings you want to attract into your life.

Also, while taking the exercise, it is important not to think about how you are going to earn that amount of money. Take the exercise as if the means to earn that amount is not an issue.

  1. Get the burning desire to earn that amount of money.

In Napoleon Hill’s renowned book Think and Grow Rich, the word burning desire was brought into the limelight. This word left a lot of people confused as to what it means and how to acquire a burning desire for the amount of money they wish to attract.

Getting a burning desire simply means getting enough compelling reasons to back your goals. At this stage, when you get a burning desire for a goal, you don’t merely WANT to achieve the goal; you NEED to achieve that goal.

A burning desire to achieve a certain money goal will keep you motivated all the time and this will ensure that you don’t give up when the going gets rough.

There are two types of personalities when it comes to motivation. You are either one or the other. We have the towards motivation types and the away-from motivation types.

If you are a towards motivation type of person, you will get motivated when you think about the pleasure and the rewards you will gain when you complete a task.

If you are the away-from motivation type of person, you’ll get more motivated when you think of the adverse effects of not achieving your goals.

So, you need to figure out the motivation type personality that you are. After you’ve done this, you will make a very crucial list.

Find a notebook and or a journal and name it “my book of burning desire”.

For your money goals, if you are a towards motivation person, make a list of all the things that would happen positively in your life if you achieve this money goal. Think about where you would go on vacation yearly and write it down. Think about the type of life you could provide for those people you love. All the people that will be affected with your success like your wife, your children, your parents, your close friends, your role models, your favorite high school teacher, and so on.

Don’t stop at the effect it would have on your life and immediate family’s lives. Think about your extended family, who you would help out with your new income level, how you would feel after helping them out.

Think about all the causes you believe in and how much you would donate yearly. Think about that kid in a third world country that you will feed through your humanitarian efforts. Think about how you would impact your community.

This exercise is like building a tree. The more people you can think of the effect your success will have on, the deeper the root of the tree.

After making the positive list, make a list of the things that would happen if you fail to attain your money goals. It’s kind of the opposite of the positive you just made. Also, make sure that you extend the effects and make its reach as deep as possible as you just did for the positives.

If you are an away-from motivation type of person, make the negative effects lists first. After that, make the positive effects list.

If this exercise is done correctly, the amount of money you wish to earn monthly would have been transformed from an amount you WANT to earn to an amount you NEED to earn.

After all, you now have almost one hundred and one reasons to keep you motivated.

  1. See yourself in your mind’s eye already in possession of the amount of money you NEED to earn.

After the above steps, you want to start affirming the process so as to imprint your new money consciousness on your subconscious mind.

You can do this by affirming your new money number every morning. Write down your calculated number and start affirming.

Say for instance; “I’m very happy because I now earn $21,000 monthly. This helps me to live the kind of life I want to live”.

While saying your affirmation, see that money coming into your bank account every month with your mind’s eye.

STEP II: You have to program your subconscious for money

subconscious messages

Now that you have taken care of your conscious mind, it’s time to cater for your subconscious mind.

If you are affirming or wanting something consciously, and your subconscious believes another thing entirely, then you will only move in reverse.

Your subconscious must be aligned with your conscious mind in order to manifest whatever it is you wish to manifest.

How to program your subconscious for money

  1. Continue affirming on the conscious level.

With constant repetition of the affirmation process discussed in the last stage, the subconscious kind of gets the message.

You need to keep seeing yourself as the person that earns that amount of money.

If you keep affirming and keep seeing yourself as the person that earns that amount, events and ideas will start popping into your life which will validate what you are affirming.

This is the stage that most people stop in an effort to attract more money into their lives. And stopping here is like stopping midway to the promise land.

  1. Check for limiting money beliefs that might be lurking in your subconscious mind.

As your affirmations are going on, you have to do a very deep self-appraisal. By thinking of your childhood and your background, you will soon discover the limiting beliefs that you subconsciously have about money.

These beliefs are developed in the early years based on your personal experience with money. It might be handed to you by your parents’ experiences, your environment, and the people you grew up with.

Some examples of limiting money beliefs are; money is earned by corrupt people, money is bad and is the root of all evil, most rich people are dishonest and cruel, if I have money I will be robbed always, it impossible to profit from business in this city without being shady, and so on.

What is important for you to realize at this stage is that most of those beliefs are false, not realistic, and would not serve you positively.

  1. Become the person that earns that amount by developing powerful habits.

After you are done checking and correcting your beliefs, I want you to think of the people that earn the amount of money you need to earn.

You can get their autobiographies, approach them if they live near you, or observe them from afar. What does the person that makes that money do daily? When do they wake up? Who are their friends? Who do they listen to?

The aim of this stage is to help you build the correct type of POWERFUL HABITS that will take you closer to your goals.

With time, these habits get accepted by the subconscious and it becomes second nature. It is this repetition of daily powerful habits that tells the universe you are ready to welcome the amount of money you need into your life.

  1. Learn and take actions consistently and persistently.

It is never an easy path to earn a substantial amount of money. People that earn money are people that are always ready to take a considerable amount of action on their ideas.

The only way to earn money is by giving yourself in service to others. That is, giving something of value to others. The more value you can offer, the more money you’ll make.

Make no mistake; there is no short and easy path to money.

Just like Earl Nightingale said in his EP; the prisons are filled with people that are willing to take something for nothing. People who have attempted to take the shortcut to money success.

It is imperative that you prepare your mind that there will be hiccups on the road to earning that amount of money you need to earn.

Always strive to improve your knowledge; in your chosen career, your businesses, and other aspects of life that interest you. Trust me, at a stage, your knowledge will start paying dividends.

Also, remember that your best teacher in life is your experience. Always make sure you look at every mistake as an opportunity to learn.

Take action consistently and persistently. With

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STEP III: You have to be in a state of expectation by clearing all resistance

a feel good now girl

The final step is getting all forms of resistance out of the way.
If the last step of the process (subconscious) is worked on faithfully and perfectly, this step would happen on its own. But I would give you the details of what this step entails so as to have an idea.

In order to clear any resistance from you, you have to get to a mental state of expectation. You have to start thinking and living your life as if the money you need to attract is already in your account.

The more you are able to do this, the faster the money comes into your life.

Remember the restaurant analogy I was referencing earlier, if after you place your order, you start disturbing the staffs and let them know the urgency of delivery, there is a high chance they fasten the process.

If you let them know you are really hungry, they might bump you up the waiting list.

As opposed to if you told them you are not in a rush. They would surely take their time. Or if as they are about to bring your ordered food, you get up and leave the restaurant.

Maybe you went out to receive a call, or you saw an old friend and went to have a chat. Whatever the cause for leaving, you were gone a while. Upon returning to the restaurant, the process of ordering would have to start again.

That’s why most people complain that the money they want to attract refuse to come in. Most people always fluctuate in their vibrational frequency scales. One minute they’ve matched the frequency of the amount of money they wish to attract, the next minute they are distracted and they’ve fallen below that frequency.

They are sending mixed signals to the universe by saying they want more money and telling the money to stay away at the same time. This is mostly due to their attitudes.

How to be in a state of expectation

  1. Start acting like the money is already in your bank account.

What are the things you would do with the money you wish to attract?

If you would buy a new car, go to the car dealership and get a test drive for that car.

Take out a brochure of exotic places in the world, cut out those locations from a travel magazine and make a vision board with it. You can paste some of these pictures on the dashboard of your car.

Or better yet, create a vision board for all the stuff you wish to do with the money.

Know the price the vacation is going to cost you and your family, cut out the picture of the destination, or download the pictures and put them where you would see them every day.

The intention of this is that you are telling the universe that you are really hungry, and you want the universe to bring that money as fast as it could.

  1. Feel good now.

In the process we’ve been explaining so far, the only thing that can create resistance and delay that money from coming in is YOU.

When you start thinking about more money and you immediately start thinking about how impossible it is to earn, or how you are going to earn it, and you start feeling bad about it, you are creating resistance for that money from coming in.

In other words, what your feelings are basically telling the universe is that; “more money, stay away. I AM NOT READY YET”.

You have to watch how you feel from moment to moment; you have to know how you can boost your mood in a matter of minutes.

The frequency of feeling good is similar to that of money. So, the best way to raise your money frequency is to always feel good. If it is a stretch to feel good all the time, at least, try to feel good as much as you can.

Closing words and summary

don't give up sign on the road

The amazing thing about the process of creation is that it increases your quality of life. Once you start consciously doing the above, your level of happiness will increase and you will know that it is just a matter of time.

In summary, the process of attracting money with the law of attraction is highlighted below;


  1. Know the specific amount of money you wish to attract.
  2. Get a burning desire by turning the money from an amount you WANT to earn to an amount you NEED to earn.
  3. Start affirming the amount of money you need to earn and see yourself earning that amount monthly.


  1. Continue affirming day in day out.
  2. Check for limiting money beliefs that might be lurking in your subconscious mind.
  3. Develop powerful habits that will take you closer to your goal.
  4. Always learn. Always take massive action on your ideas consistently and persistently.


  1. Start acting like the money is already in your bank account.
  2. Always try your best to feel good as much as you can.

If you feel like something is missing in this list, feel free to contribute in the comment section below.