SMART goals examples for work: The Importance of setting SMART goals at the workplace

Businesses are started with just a primary aim. That primary aim is to make a profit. And the main drivers of a business organization are the employees. It doesn’t really matter if yours is a one-man business or a large business; profit can only be made if the employees do what they are supposed to … Read more

SMART goal setting process: How to Achieve your goals faster this year

SMART goal setting process should not only be limited to business organizations. It should be applied to our daily personal lives. So, whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee, a housewife, or a gardener, you ought to know that setting goals give your life a DEFINITE point of focus. Without goals, we are like ships … Read more

7 Goal Setting Activities that can put your financial success on steroids

If you want to fast-track achieving your money goals, the following goal setting activities are for you. When it comes to financial goals, most of us know what we have to do to have financial success. We make New Year’s resolutions. “I’m never spending more than I make this year”. We set goals. “I’m going … Read more

7 Examples of Personal Development Goals for work that will make you happy and successful

As much as I would like to take credit for the statement I’m about to put forth, it’s nothing original. So, here is an unoriginal and totally unrelated statement that has guided me pretty much through my adult life. Life is much more about the journey itself than the destination. This is what I remember … Read more