Does law of attraction work? 3 reasons why the law of attraction might not be working for you

These days, a lot of people ask the question; does law of attraction work for some people? The problem with the law of attraction is in the way it is being advertised to people.

does law of attraction work

With a lot of self-help gurus that are currently out there, — with exception of few — the famous mantra being preached is; dream big, think big, stay positive, and everything you want, you will attract.

So, when most people get on this wagon, they dream, think, and stay positive, but, the thing that often happens is that at the end of the whole thing, they attract nothing of what they want. And in some cases, they attract more of what they don’t want.

Of course, the gurus always have their ironclad alibi; “you must be doing it wrong” or “you are not thinking positive enough”.

So, most people would come out and say that the law of attraction is not real, or does not work, because it hadn’t worked for them.

Where do 90% of people always go wrong?

Well, this is the million dollar question currently in the air in our society when it comes to the law of attraction.

To try my best to answer that million dollar question based on my 20 year long knowledge and personal experience on the issue, I will take you on a very short tour that might help you identify what you probably don’t know before about the law of attraction. Or the things you know, that just isn’t true.

The law of attraction and the magnet analogy

law of attraction magnets

What is attraction in the first place?

As defined by the dictionary, attraction is a quality, or a feature, or a power, or a force in an object that evokes interest in another object, which causes both objects to move towards each other.

What I want you to note from the above definition is that for attraction to occur, there has to be a quality, or a force, or a particular feature.

Let’s look at an example of a magnet. The primary purpose of whatever is called a magnet is to attract. But, for it to be a magnet and attract, it has to possess some features which are commonly referred to as its magnetic properties.

This magnet is only a magnet as much as its magnetic properties.

Now, I want you to put this concept of a magnet somewhere at the back of your mind because I would need you to recall this concept in a very short while.

The law of attraction is a REAL law of nature. Science has proven its realness through the breakthrough in quantum physics and neuroscience. There are evidence and people of high caliber and respect in the society that are validating this law day in day out.

What you need to do is start thinking about the law of attraction from a realistic point of view. Forget about the sage on the stage that told you that you have to meditate, think positive, do affirmations, and by doing this, everything you want, you will attract.

It is easier to question your convictions when that’s all you’ve been told about the law of attraction.

In order to start making the law work for you, you need to understand how the law of attraction REALLY works.

Now, it’s time to separate the real parts of the law of attraction from the esoteric parts.

The tale of the two friends

Let me tell you a short story of two friends.

There is this folktale that I think best illustrates how the law of attraction works.

Two friends from a small village went to a seer to know what their future would be like. The seer told one of the friends that he would die a poor man. The other friend was told that he would die a rich man and that at some point in the future, he would become king.

So, every day, after hearing what they’d heard, this is their daily routine;

The future king would wake up, take a chair and sit at his front yard. He would sit there till daybreak. As the villagers pass by, they would hail him king, and he would answer them with great enthusiasm.

The second friend would wake up, and the words of the seer would keep ringing in his ears, “you are going to die a poor man, you are going to die a poor man”, and with this voices in his head, he would reply “I will not die a poor man”.

This became his new mantra, and with this mantra, he took his hoes and cutlass and relocated to another land where he could farm, and started cultivating.

He worked in the scorching sun, in the unforgiving rain, non-stop, tirelessly, and any time during the day when he feels like taking a break, the voice of the seer would return, and he would start chanting his mantra and this would motivate him to keep working.

Days, weeks, and years went by.

And as time went by, the second friend’s farm started flourishing. He kept working, and the farm continued to expand. He was producing more foods than he could eat, more food than he could sell, and more food than he could giveaway.

Then came a season of drought, which led to famine in the entire kingdom. Kings were yielding their crown so as to get some tubers of yam, the nobles in the Kingdom were selling gold for food, and the poor were decreasing in number daily. There was no food anywhere in the kingdom; except at the second friend’s farm….

The popular myth about the law of attraction

People always make the mistake of thinking that they can attract without having the magnetic features, or force, or power to do so.

I want you to remember the following statement I want to say, because, it is very important, and it constitutes where most people get the law of attraction wrong. And that’s;

“A magnet is as good as its magnetic properties” – Frank DAEMON

Earlier, we talked about magnets and their magnetic properties.

There are different types of magnets based on their magnetic properties. Some are very potent and can draw magnanimous metals towards themselves, while some have depreciated in these properties and can only draw tiny objects towards themselves.

Some magnets are very weak, some are strong, and some can only attract a specific type of metal. All these differences are down to the potency of their magnetic properties.

Magnets can be likened to all individuals on earth who are attracting one thing or the other towards themselves constantly.

When people want to attract things into their lives, they always have these “have” requests. Such as; “I want to ‘have’ a happy relationship”, “I want to ‘have’ more money”, “I want to ‘have’ a better health” and the list goes on and on.

What the majority of people don’t know is that in order to “have”, you need to “be” first.

It’s that simple.

You need to “be” that kind of person that is “able” to attract whatever it is that you wish to attract.

Remember that a magnet is as good as its magnetic properties.

For instance, if you want to attract more money into your life, you have to become the type of person that can make more money.

The “becoming” or “be-ing” is the asking part of the whole process. The asking starts from when you start having the thoughts of wanting more money. Then you might start believing you are capable of making more money. When you start investing in the right kind of business, or you start learning a new trade, or you expand your current business, or you start a new side business with your current job, that’s you ‘asking’ the universe for more money.

You are increasing your point of attraction, you are increasing your magnetic properties, and in due time, the universe will oblige to your request.

While we are still on the subject of having more money — because that’s what 80% of the people want to attract — it is important to know that money, just like any other object in the universe only goes to those people that have been able to match its frequency.

There is a saying that; rich people are not who they are because they are rich, they are rich because of who they are.

If you meet rich and successful people — and I have met some of those people in varying degrees —, you will notice that their business habits, how they think when it comes to money, daily rituals and habits are usually the same.

They are the kind of people you meet and you immediately think to yourself and say; “no wonder he is so successful”.

Or if you want to have a perfect health and also be in good shape, ask yourself; “who is that person that will be healthy and be in good shape?”

That person would probably have it as a habit to eat organic healthy diets, exercise regularly and get enough sleep. Until you become the person that is “vibrating” at the same frequency as “good health” and “good shape”, you won’t attract “good health” and “good shape”.

Does law of attraction work? The answer to the question asked

does law of attraction work

The reply to the constant question that has been asked about the law of attraction since the beginning is YES. The law of attraction does work.

The law of attraction works 100% of the time.

Why the law of attraction doesn’t work for a lot of people

The first thing that I should point out is that the law of attraction is working in your life, whether you believe in it or not.

Everything in your life, mine, and all other people on this planet is there because we attracted it, either consciously or unconsciously.

Now, I want you to forget about the spiritual angle of the whole process. You might not be able to make that leap of faith right now. And when this happens (when you can’t bring yourself to believe in LOA from a spiritual angle), there will be room for doubt in your mind.

Why is it important not to doubt the validity of the law of attraction you might be wondering?

It is really quite simple.

You see, when you start to question the whole process, it would be hard to manifest whatever it is you want to manifest in your life. When you lack conviction in the process of attraction, every other thing will fall apart.

I would like for you to see the concept of the law of attraction from a realistic point of view, and when you are able to do this, it will be easier for you to trace where you are doing something wrong and you are resisting that which you wish to attract.

This is why, when I talk to people about the law of attraction, I do not speak of it from an esoteric or spiritual point of view. I don’t say things like meditating, mantras, affirmations, the ether, jumping off a building and floating, or unseen forces.

Don’t get me wrong, some of these things are completely real, but the problem is that most people can’t totally bring themselves to believe in what they cannot see.

Human beings are wired that way.

Only a few people in this world have the gift of being convicted and having total belief in what they haven’t seen. And for the rest of us, we have to see LOA from a perspective that we can easily relate with.

That’s why I always explain the law of attraction in terms of habits, “to-be” goals, rather than “to have” goals.

When you sit down and access your life, you will see that there are areas that you DO have control over. Those areas are where you can focus on and apply conscious, smart, and sustained effort and you will be able to increase your magnetic properties and match the frequency of whatever it is you want to attract.

At this point, I want to summarize all that I’ve been saying by pointing out THREE fundamental reasons why the law of attraction doesn’t work for some people;

  1. They lack conviction

Do you REALLY believe in the Law of Attraction?

I would guess that if you are reading this post, which is titled “Does Law of Attraction Work?”, chances are that it is those doubts about the validity of the law of attraction that led you here.

I could go on and on about the scientific evidence supporting the Law of Attraction, but that’s another post for another day.

All I want you to know is that it is a valid law of the universe that works in your life, whether you are conscious about it or not.

You have to have this conviction if you want the Law of attraction to work positively in your life. When you don’t truly believe a concept down to your core, it will be difficult to have FAITH in that concept.

And FAITH brings me to the next reason why some people don’t get the law of attraction to work for them.

  1. They lack patience

Thomas Edison failed more than a thousand times before he could get the light bulb to work. How many years did you think it took Edison to perfect the light bulb?

Even before that, he had failed at a lot of things and gotten thrown out of his first two jobs because he was said to be “unproductive”.

Henry Ford went broke FIVE times before he finally succeeded.

Are you willing to fail more than a thousand times for you to get the type of life you TRULY want?

Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall — Confucius

Failure provides the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently — Henry Ford

Are you PERSISTENT in asking the universe for what you want? Or after some couple months or a couple of years, you just give up on asking for that new car?

The point I am trying to make here is that nothing good and worthwhile comes EASILY. It takes consistent and persistent effort.

This is where your FAITH comes in. Do you think Edison have FAITH that his ask would be granted?

Of course, he did. If he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have kept trying every time he attempted and failed, up to the tune of a thousand times.

If you lack FAITH in the Law of Attraction, you wouldn’t have the patience for everything that life would throw at you before you eventually match the frequency of that thing you wish to attract.

The only way to increase patience is to increase FAITH. And the only way to increase FAITH is to become convicted.

  1. They lack the Know-How

I blame some of the self-proclaimed Law of attraction gurus for this reason why most people don’t get the law of attraction to work positively for them.

The law of attraction goes beyond meditation, affirmations, goal settings, and so on. The majority of attraction has to do with the subconscious mind. Why this is the case is that the subconscious mind is the habit generator and it is our daily habits that determine the results we get in our lives.

For instance, someone that doesn’t have perseverance in his dictionary of habits would find it hard to stick to a daily meditation plan or a daily affirmation ritual. It is hard for somebody that habitually thinks negatively to start thinking positively overnight merely by being told to do so.

So, most people’s subconscious sabotages their conscious efforts, they move in reverse, hence, the Law of Attraction is a scam.

The most potent and powerful way to go about the law of attraction is to focus on “to be” goals at first, rather than the “to have” goals.

Remember, a magnet is only as good as its magnetic properties.

You can sit for years, wishing, affirming, praying and hoping for something to come into your life, only to find that it is not coming in.

What you have to do in this case is you have to raise your frequency to match the frequency of that, which you wish to attract. There is no way around it. It’s a law that cannot be changed.

The best and easiest way to do this is by focusing on your habits (your daily habits), tuning them to match that of the person that has the type of things you want. In contrasting goals and daily habits/systems, habits always prevail over goal setting.

These are the things in your control, which you can directly influence. Forget about the esoteric parts of the law of attraction. Leave those to the Gurus and their seminars. Focus on your habits and watch how fast the law of attraction works.

It is through your habits that your subconscious mind can be influenced and re-shaped.

Closing thoughts: Does the law of attraction work?

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the tale of the two friends I was telling earlier—I wouldn’t leave you hanging.

So, can you guess where the whole kingdom migrated to in search of food to eat?

Yeah. You guessed right. The whole kingdom migrated to the village of the friend that was told he would die poor because he had more than enough food to sell and feed the whole kingdom.

As more people were coming into the village of the other friend, and he was giving them food to eat, the people decided to settle there.

When it was time for them to appoint a King, they had no better candidate than the first occupant, who is also the provider of food for the villagers.

Among the immigrants was the friend that was told that he would die rich and become king. He had also come in search of food. He ended up working at one of the new King’s farms and eventually died poor.

The singular difference between these two friends, which led them to their fate, was their daily habits. One had the habit of sitting around and doing nothing, while the other one worked for what he wanted.

Although our habits are rooted deep into our subconscious, breakthroughs in neuroscience have given us ways to reprogram our subconscious in order to have powerful habits that would help us attract whatever we want as fast as we want.

Innercising with neurogym has been proven by science and tens of thousands of people to make positive changes in their lives, and their daily habits.

To round this post up, I would say that if the Law of attraction is not working for you, then make sure that you adjust your daily habits so as to be able to match the frequency of that which you wish to attract.

So, if you had another way that you feel that the law of attraction could be easily manifested in one’s life, feel free to share.

Also, what has your experience been about the law of attraction?

Let others share in your wealth of experience using the comment section below.